Keto Living

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This class is completely ONLINE and is mostly self-paced with DAILY INSTRUCTION!

FIVE WEEK Course – Limit 30 participants

Designed specifically for those wanting to follow a keto lifestyle and for patients with PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, or other medical conditions where a low carb nutritional plan has been recommended by your physician. This online course covers all you need to know to start or continue to meet your weight loss goals following a healthy ketogenic program.

Five Weeks of Instruction, Guidance, and Support

WEEK 1 – Spend the week learning the why and how behind the science of the ketogenic nutrition plan. We will dispell the myths and clear misconceptions to help you understand the health benefits of the program in relation to the needs of bariatric patients. Dive into an in-depth study into macronutrients and why choosing the RIGHT proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are extremely important to your overall health and wellness and the key to successful weight loss and maintenance. Learn the tools for how and why tracking is vitally important to understanding and taking charge of your nutrition and your weight loss journey.

WEEK 2 – While continuing to develop our tracking skills, we’ll learn how to create new habits and break old cycles of “diet” failure. Create a plan, a focus, and transition your home into a healthy living space! We’ll continue to practice tracking and analyzing our food intake while beginning to retrain our brains and bodies to our new normal. We’ll also learn about reading nutrition labels and how to shop for the healthiest products that will enhance your journey and lead to better health overall!

WEEKS 3/4 – The most intense two weeks of the course and the very backbone of success! Learn the process and strategies for creating meal plans that not only meet your nutritional needs but those of your family as well.

WEEK 5 – Business lunches, birthday parties, holidays, pot-lucks… they are everywhere. How do we handle the stress and make the best choices in a world that is often centered around food? We’ll virtually visit restaurants and learn to navigate menus from fast-food to fine dining. We’ll share recipes for healthy foods that can be taken to the fanciest of parties, and we’ll talk in-depth about how to handle most any social situation.  Learn to order like a BOSS and take charge of living your NEW LIFE!

Optional Class Upgrade!

After class ends… the learning continues! ($15 savings off individual components if purchased separately)

EER/BMR – Work with Patricia to identify your Estimated Energy Requirements (EER) and the range of calories needed to promote healthy weight loss. Calculations are individualized and are based on the rate at which your body spends energy to sustain life (Basal Metabolic Rate), your level of physical activity, and the thermic effect of your food intake (the energy needed to digest, absorb, and process the food you eat).

MBK Monthly – Gain access to the MBK Monthly: Choosing Success subscription and gather additional resources to help you on your journey towards reaching your weight loss goals. For those already subscribed, you will receive a 50% refund on one payment for MBK Monthly.

Bariatric Guide to Keto Living Class ONLY – $199

Bariatric Guide to Keto Living Class + Optional Class Upgrade – $229

Payment plans available. Email for a plan/code.