About the Team

Patricia Hill, Certified Nutrition Coach & Owner of My Bariatric Kitchen / Living Healthy Nutrition

Patricia is a 25-year career educator, former caterer, and amateur chef who had a VSG on 7/21/2016. Inspired by her own quest to lead a healthier life, she took it upon herself to learn all that she could about nutrition and how it now relates to her new tool. Drawing upon her post-graduate degrees in science and education, she enrolled in classes, became a certified nutrition coach, created a Facebook recipe and support group, and launched a health and wellness coaching business that specializes in weight loss and healthy living for clients and their families. She teaches multiple online classes on a variety of topics related to health and wellness, provides 1:1 coaching both online and in person, and travels to host and/or present at Bariatric conferences around the country. Patricia’s meal plans focus on healthy balanced macronutrients for both men and women, taking into consideration the needs of the family and the challenges of our hectic lifestyles.



Natalie Heckert, Fitness Expert

Natalie has an awesome life story. She is a Minnesota farmer’s daughter who moved to Los Angeles to chase her fitness dream. Her accomplishments include being the successful business CEO of NATS (Nutrition & Aerobic Training Service) for 18 years, a Mrs. Minnesota finalist, a contestant on the Price is Right, she auditioned for Oprah’s “Next Big Invention”, and trained Tracey Yukich while she was on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. She has invented a variety of fitness products and has starred in numerous exercise videos. Natalie designed, developed, and implemented a state-of-the-art wellness center for Tastefully Simple, an Inc. 500 organization. She originated and developed a two-year Health & Fitness Specialist Degree program in partnership with the Alexandria Community & Technical College and served as an adjunct teacher.





Kristin Lloyd, Mental Health Expert

Kristin’s passion for helping people ‘get out of their own way’ led her to work with weight loss surgery patients to shift their mindset after bariatric surgery. As a patient herself, (VSG, 2013) she understands the struggles bariatric patients endure post-op. Kristin’s expertise is in helping others create lasting behavioral/habit changes and emotional adjustments which lead to happy, healthy and fulfilling lives by keeping the weight off and adjusting to the multitude of lifestyle changes that occur following bariatric surgery. As a mental health professional, she is passionate about helping people overcome depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, and life stressors so they can achieve balanced and sustained success.

Kristin is a PhD candidate in Psychology with a focus on lifestyle change after bariatric surgery, a certified Reiki Master, an EFT/Energy Psychology Practitioner, certified mindset coach, a speaker, and a prolific writer. She’s the author of the Amazon Bestseller, Bariatric Mindset Success: Live Your Best Life and Keep the Weight off after Weight Loss Surgery, and a contributor for The Obesity Action Coalition, Obesity Help, The Huffington Post, and The Master Shift.


Amy “Jo” Michienzi, Senior Administrator

Jo is a married mom of 3 with a very hectic lifestyle. She has worked in the corporate world for 15 years specializing in business operations, training, curriculum development, and management. She has a passion for food and is an experienced amateur cook. After struggling for many years with obesity and overcoming many of life’s obstacles to become healthier, Jo made the decision to focus on her health for herself and her family in 2016 and shortly after joined Patricia Hill’s team. As a student of Bariatric Basics, Jo excelled in balancing macros, food prep, and creating healthy, balanced recipes that accommodated both her on-the-go life and family. She quickly found motivation and passion in helping others along their journey and as a result, enrolled in Nutrition and Wellness classes where she will soon receive her coaching certification. In her current role, Jo tirelessly helps to guide both men and women through their weight loss journeys. She offers group support through live video conferences, provides customized 1:1 coaching, and assists participants in the many classes offered through Living Healthy Nutrition.